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Personal Training outside of the “gym”

August 9, 2008 , , , , , , , , ,

Most of my clients have a strange look on their face after each session. They wonder, “how did John just beat me up with no equipment at all”? Each day I train my clients is a new way to create change in their bodies. If you set up a routine of exercise, you are setting yourself up for failure. Routine is where your body no longer will adapt to change since you have already experienced the pattern before. The idea behind true exercise is to challenge your nervous system just one step beyond what it was capable of one day prior. Each day that you do that will net a result that you can see each week in your strength, flexibility or anything you are striving for.

Imagine placing someone new to exercise on a demanding program? Do you think they will do well with it or will they succumb to injury? If you take person who has trouble sitting down into a chair and get them to just walk around the block once a day, you will be doing them a great service. Walking around the block is their “high intensity” exercise program. I always say to take small but profound steps towards your goals. If walking around the block will help them move a little easier, then they will be less likely to spend most of their time seated in a chair.


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