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If you can’t put the weights down, don’t pick them up!

September 8, 2008 , , , , ,

Have you ever been to a gym where guys and some girls throw around weights for the “macho” effect?  I’ve always had the simple rule with weight lifting: “If you can’t put the weights down, don’t pick them up”.  It has always amazed me when I would workout next to someone who insisted on dropping the weights from 3 feet in the air to rattle the whole gym. With a grin on my face, I always ask those people if they needed help with the weights the next time they attempt to lift them.  When they realize I’m teasing them about not being strong enough to handle their weights, the dropping stops.  I’m usually more than happy to show them how to lift more weight and place it back down gently to the ground as to not disturb anyone.  

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