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It didn’t work back then, and still doesn’t work

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Of all the fitness products that come out each day, the vibrating machines are my favorite.  They all promise the world in only minutes per day.  I see them all throughout private studios and gyms and have yet to see or hear about anyone’s dramatic weight loss, corrective exercise, or simply any strength development.  What bothers me most about these machines is they are not cheap.  The typical vibrating plate costs around $2-3,000.  I think that upgrading your current washing machine or dryer would only set you back $500-$1000.  At least you can have clean clothes and still manage to sit/stand on it if you feel that vibrating your body leads to your desired health and fitness goals.

What’s even more troubling is that (some) trainers know they are a waste of time and yet place clients on them because their clients are training them.  Just like patients walking into doctors offices demanding specific drugs to take, clients are demanding modes of exercise with no experience at all with what they are asking for.  Trainers are simply giving the clients what they want instead of what the client needs. This is why you will never see vibrating plates or any other machine that does not allow the body to move naturally in any of our Holistic Wellness Network studios.



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