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Mastering Core Strength With Cable Pulley System That Blows Away TRX, Livingston, Summit, Chatham, NJ

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Why TRX is very limited – Stop by our Chatham Location to try for yourself!

Fitness fads are always going to be around, and we as exercise, nutrition and rehabilitation specialists are here to dispel the myths. When you watch this video, keep in mind that this trainer has an extensive background in exercise.  He has never done this exercise before and that’s why he is spilling all over the place.  This would happen to anyone who has never trained in this environment.  Open chain exercises tend to make people feel very unstable and that is why they are very effective for functional movement patterns.

Now Serving Chatham, Madison, and Summit, Short Hills, Millburn, Springfield, New Providence, Florham Park, Woodland Park, Mountainside, Berkeley Heights, Convent Station, Livingston, Maplewood, and various parts of Union, Morris and Essex County, NJ (New Jersey). We have personal trainers that suit every need.


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