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October 17, 2011

Barefoot – Orthotics – Vibrams Five Finger sneakers are the closest you will get to being barefoot.

How many podiatrist work in places like Africa where shoes are not very common?  You would be also hard pressed to find someone with foot, ankle, or knee issues as well.  It still amazes me to find people wearing foot implements to “correct” alignment and posture without even measuring a single bone length in the patients body.  I’ve thrown away four custom $400 orthotics this month alone of clients who come to us in pain.  I’ve demonstrated how their orthotics were making their initial problem worse with a simple plumb line.  Most of the clients resembled long jump skiers while trying to stand up.  Their orthotics, for the most part were creating a forward lean and constant knee sheering.  This position is what causes hammer toes and patellar tendonitis.
Please be careful with how you treat your human body.  It is so perfect in so many ways.  Trying to alter the state of a perfect machine is simple silly.  The human body makes a NASA space shuttle look like a toy.  Be careful who you are entrusting in creating harmony within your body.

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