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I love CrossFit, but…

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I joke when I’m asked about certain exercise programs like the bar method or pilates by saying, “I love those programs because they provide me with lots of broken new clients to repair”! On the other hand, CrossFit can provide for excellent results in those individuals who have learned the specific patterns of movement that is repeated in their classes.  If someone is not paying attention to form or “aches”, they will suffer in the end with either a mild injury or long term damage depending on how long they keep ignoring the signals.  I do love crossfit for what they stand for and paleo eating, but when corrective exercise is ignored, you will end up on my treatment table or getting a prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs (which is not a proper fix for the problem, but what drug is?).  I love how Einstein says, “you can’t fix a problem with the same thinking that got you into the problem in the first place”. If your movement patterns are improper, taking a drug will never correct that.  If your over exercising, taking a drug will never fix that.  If you are lacking vitamin A,C, E, or D in your diet, drugs will never solve that…. Get the picture?  I am not a Dr in the modern sense of the word, but I am an educator in health, fitness, lifestyle coaching and emotional healing so in the original sense of the word doctor, I am exactly that – a teacher. I live my life the way I teach and hope others will follow under my lead.

Do you take advice from a “health care provider” who is out of shape?  Don’t worry, most of you do.  As my mentor says, “If you can’t teach health in your underwear, you should not be teaching health”.  So if you are in pain, under the weather all the time, need energy, lack strength or just need to learn how to move properly, stop by Holistic Wellness Network and please bring your out of shape doctors with you so they can learn as well.

Love and Qi



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