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Posuture – How this effects your whole body

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Order of importance: Brain, Nervous System, Muscles, then Joints.

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I see clients who see chiropractors on a regular basis only addressing joints. This always baffled me since I have worked in a chiropractic office due to treating the “less intelegent” piece of the puzzle.  What I mean is that joints are slaves to muscles, which are slaves to the nervous system, which are slaves to the brain ultimately.  At Holistic Wellness Network, we work from the opposite direction down.  Brain connection and function is first addressed in order to fire the nervous system correctly – to fire the muscles – which controls the joints…  Now how does posture alter brain function? Well, if you have any number of skeletal deviations due to either leg length inequallity, injuries, loss of muscle to one side of your body, work related torque in the spine, fallen arches, any number of pelvic disorders, etc., can directly shift the skull and put stress on the brain enough to alter what was once a normal signal.  One of the measures used in our Posturology is the occipital ridge which is the center of the brain for vision.  When this area of the skull is not level latterally, we tend to see many concentration problems, vision problems, or even comprehension difficulties.  Once the problem is corrected in the skeleton, the symptom always seems to just go away.

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