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Best Simplified Paleo Nutrition Guide Book

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Practical Paleo Nutrition

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I’ve been in the fitness and corrective exercise field for 17 years now and finally I have a book to refer my clients to that is simple to understand and follow. Most individuals do not want the scientific background to why eating Paleo is the healthiest way to eat.  They just want a simplified way to follow it.  Simply put, our genetics are identical to those of humans 10,000 years ago and agriculture didn’t exist yet, so therefore, eating foods that are farmed through monocropping leads to eating foreign food because our bodies have not adapted to eating it yet.  Farming is relatively new to human evolution.  So, eating according to what your genetics are will always lead to health and not dis-ease.  Most all dis-ease in the human body is caused by food intolerance, lack of movement, stinking thinking, and lack of quiet time.  Which of those are you not paying attention to in your life?  When you have the answer, you’ll have a game plan for how to become healthy again.



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While I fully support a Paleo Diet for nearly everyone, enjoy the lifestyle myself, and give respect to those that help spread the word…your post isn’t 100% factual.

1. A vast majority of our genetics are identical to human beings 10,000 years ago. Not 100% though. Case in point, genetic traits for lactose tolerance in certain populations.

2. Its a logical fallacy to claim that because our ancestors ate certain things that those things are universally healthy and the most optimal choice in nutrition. Nothing about them being eaten back then in and of itself makes them healthy.

3. Eating a more Paleo/Primal diet will GENERALLY lead to a healthier outcome, but not in all cases. As we have those in the community with certain illnesses (genetic, acute, and/or chronic) a simple one size fits all approach does not work. Blanket statements are the realm of Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers.

4. Also realize that the foods we have available today are, in most cases, no where near the same foods that your ancestors consumed. We’ve seen the movement back towards grass-fed/pastured cattle but as far as plant sources of nutrition go…we have to account for sources that have gone extinct, been genetically modified/evolved, and been selectively farmed/hybridized for thousands of years.

All in all, I love that fact that the Paleo community is now one site stronger…but we have to really take a look at the message we’re sending out and ensure that it actually stands up to scrutiny. Blanket statements, broad generalizations, and errors in our logic only serve to give more ammunition against us all.


October 28, 2011

I didn’t want anyone to think that any eating regimen is One-size-fits-all. What we teach is how to pay close attention to your body’s needs through metabolic typing. My purpose of the post was to keep people from eating CRAP (Carbohydrates – Refined Foods – Additives -Preservatives). Just because I tell people to eat grass fed meats doesn’t mean its the only thing on their plate. Everyone has a unique need for proteins fats and carbohydrates that can change daily. One day can be 85% proteins and fats, and the next 90% Carbohydrates. If the individual has the ability to feel what their body is craving, they can decide what portion of the plate is what.

Don’t get me wrong about Paleo nutrioin. I’m a firm believer and live by that diet and can teach health in my underwear because of how healthy I am, but it doesn’t mean we should stop using toilets (toilets are not Paleo)… I only preach clean water, healthy food (grass fed meats, wild fish, and organic vegetables). Is that wrong?

Holistic Wellness Network

November 3, 2011

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