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What sneakers are best?

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Best Footwear for your feet is no footwear

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I have this discussion each and every day with new and old clients.  I would like to start off by going over key points to how a shoe or sneaker should fit your foot.

1. Every shoe/sneaker should have adequate room in the toe box in order to fully expand the metatarsals without restriction. Most sneakers do not.  They actually cause many of the problems people complain about with their feet and legs such as hammer toe, bunions, plantar fasciitis, anterior cruciate ligamenttearing, Baker’s cyst, etc…

2. Every shoe should be as level as possible from heel to toe. Any elevation at the heel will cause a forward head posture and rounding of the shoulders, and hips.

3. Toes should not be pointed up in the air such as in most “running” sneakers.  This places the foot in a simulated high heel position.  How comfortable is it to run in high heels?  How long can you keep that up before something breaks?

Ultimately, I recommend wearing either New Balance Minimus Trail (Vibram soles), Vivo Barefoot sneakers/shoes, Merrill sneakers with Vibram sole, or Vibram Five Finger.  All simulate walking barefoot and do not disturb the human foot into any forced positions.

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