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Emotional Freedom Technique and it’s long term effects

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My very good friend just wrote about her experience with a session we had to work on her damaging thoughts that were ultimately keeping her from being mentally and physically healthy. You can read about her experience here: Monday Motivation: I used to hate my thighs.  So many people don’t realize how their thoughts are physically real and can harm your body if you don’t pay close attention to your recurring thoughts.  I use a simple sheet of paper where I have the individual answer only two questions:

I Am:


I Am Not:

When someone can answer these two questions, they will quickly identify where the main problem is.  The list may have 5-15 items on each question, but most of the time, people write down a few of the same answers which tends to be their recurring thought patterns.  Example: I am: strong, willing to change, looking to modify my life, do new things, try new sports…. All of these comments are saying they want to get out of their same situation and do anything that is not what they have been doing.  This tells me that they hate their current situation which could involve a spouse/significant other, or living with a family member they are looking to get away from.  I describe this process as peeling the onion.  There are many layers to this onion and each one has to unfold as the individual is ready to confront.  EFT should only be attempted by a trained professional due to the complex nature of emotional health.  I usually recommend seeking the help from someone who has mastered themselves before they “try” to fix you.  When I began working on clients with EFT, 90% of my clients were psychologist professionals.  This was a rude awakening to what is really going on in the mental health world.  If psychologist were not mentally healthy, what were they doing treating patients?  After many sessions with clients crying on my treatment table, I have learned that everyone is always healing and just needs the impetus to fully heal with something as rapid as EFT.



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